Key Information

The Castel Residential Property Fund provides investors with exposure to the UK residential property asset class.

This is accomplished by the acquisition, renovation and management of quality, saleable residential properties. The result is a fully managed asset with attractive, inflation-protected yields that perfectly forms part of any well diversified long-term portfolio.

The structure of Castel Residential is designed to fit perfectly within a well-diversified portfolio and its unique features favour a long-term retention.

Fund Registration
Minimum Initial Subscription
10,000 currency
Dealing Frequency
1st business day of each month
Available Currencies
£ / $ / €
Allocation Rate
Class A: 100%
Class B: 95%
Advisor Fee
Redemption Penalties
Class A: 5/4/3/2/1
Class B: Nil
Redemption Notice Period
60 Luxembourg business days
Alternative Investment Manager
KMG Capital Markets Ltd
Custodian & Principal Paying Agent
KBL European Private Bankers SA
KPMG Luxembourg

Fund Codes

View and track the Fund's performance using the following codes.

Share Class A
GBP (£)
ISIN: LU0871405550
Bloomberg: KMGCPAG LX
Share Class A
USD ($)
ISIN: LU0871405121
Bloomberg: KMGCPAU LX
Share Class A
EUR (€)
ISIN: LU0871405808
Bloomberg: KMGCPAE LX
Share Class B
GBP (£)
ISIN: LU0871405717
Bloomberg: KMGCPBG LX
Share Class B
USD ($)
ISIN: LU0871405394
Bloomberg: KMGCPBU LX
Share Class B
EUR (€)
ISIN: LU0871406103
Bloomberg: KMGCPBE LX

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