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The Castel Fund provides investors with exposure to the UK residential property asset class.

This is accomplished by the acquisition, renovation and management of quality, saleable residential properties. The result is a fully managed asset with attractive, inflation-protected yields that perfectly forms part of any well diversified long-term portfolio.

The structure of Castel is designed to fit perfectly within a well-diversified portfolio and its unique features favour a long-term retention.

Fast Facts

Fund type Luxembourg SICAV – SIF
Targeted net return 8% capital return pa, plus long-term capital appreciation.The UK residential property market has made an average (8%pa) capital return since 1950s
Minimum Investment £10,000 minimum initial investment plus £5,000 additional subscriptions
Leverage Max 100% (50% investment, 50% for liquidity)
Dealing dates Monthly (60 business days’ notice for redemptions).